Saturday, March 19, 2011

Why I Love Photos

I love photos. I love taking photos, I love editing photos, I love looking through photos. I LOVE PHOTOS!

Why this obsession you ask? 

It's because I believe photos tell the story of our lives in a way no words or second-hand accounts ever could. 

This was never more acutely obvious than when my sister died.  In the days after her sudden death, my Mom, Dad & I, spent hours upon hours digging through old shoe boxes and scrapbooks, pouring over countless photos of Kendra, in all of her life's stages.

There were the baby pics, symbolizing the hope every parent has for their newborn child.  There were childhood photos, taken by proud parents watching their child win awards and participate in school functions. There were photos from the days when Cancer crept in & dominated the scene, stealing Kendra's childhood innocence, but not her smile!  There were photos of family vacations, girl's trips, camp stays and sleepovers, proof that life does go on & it's important to live it.  There were photos of Kendra as a proud sister, always happy for her younger sister, especially on my Wedding Day when she caught the bouquet & danced the night away!  This collaboration of photos, taken over several decades, brought out every emotion we had inside of us - sadness, happiness, regret, thankfulness, sorrow and joy.

That is why I love photos!  And, that is why I started 'Pixels by Erin'. 

I look forward to helping you capture the story of your pixels!

My Family, 1985

Celebrating Everything, Erin - Pixels by Erin